How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bag for a 40 Degree Factory Environment

When selecting a sleeping bag for a 40 degree factory environment, it is important to consider the type of insulation, the temperature rating, and the shape of the bag.

Insulation: Synthetic insulation is best for a 40 degree factory environment, as it is more resistant to moisture and retains warmth better than down insulation.

Temperature Rating: Look for a sleeping bag with a temperature rating of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Shape Size Fabric Stuffer Stuffer weight Sleeping bag weight Volume after packaging Comfort temperature
Mummy 215*80*50cm 40DNylon 650FP 80/20 duck down 900 grams 1.75 kgs 35x23x23cm 23F~14F
Mummy 215*80*35cm 40DNylon 550FP 75/25 duck down 250 grams 0.85 kgs 35x14x14cm 41F~50F
Mummy 215*80*35cm 40DNylon 750FP 90/10 goose down 1450 grams 2.3 kgs 40x28x28cm -31F~-41.8F
Envelope 215*75*75cm 40DNylon 500FP 65/35 duck down 600 grams 1.2 kgs 35x18x18cm 32F~41F
Mummy 215*80*35cm 20dNylon 650+ Fill Goose Down 9.5 oz 0 0 About 45F
Mummy 220*80*55cm 20dNylon 850+ Goose Down 12 oz 0 0 About 40F
Mummy 215*80*35cm 15DNylon 800 Fill Goose Down 7 oz 0 0 About 35F

Shape: A mummy-style sleeping bag is best for a 40 degree factory environment, as it is designed to keep the body warm by trapping heat and reducing air circulation.

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